Coco – The Foal

Coco is our beautiful foal (born in June 2007)

Coco is our beautiful foal (born in June 2007) who has been up to high jinks in the field!

He managed to cut his leg quite badly and decided to pick a cold and rainy afternoon just as the light was fading! To add to our drama there was a power cut which meant that we had to get a generator in so that the vet could see what he was doing with a make-shift light…. Coco is now back at the main yard for nursing (the girls have to be very careful that his wounds are cleaned thoroughly and bandaged correctly). On the positive side Coco just loves being the centre of attention and is very much a people person, he fits in well with everybody and loves being fussed! He will be weaned after Christmas once his leg is fully healed. It will be a little later than planned but then you know what horses are like.

Coco did his first ever competition today We did the Novice as a warm up and he came 2nd and he went on to win the Elementary, he felt so good, so much more to come!


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