The Stable of 2017

The boys . . .

Head boy Leonidas 111 (Lenny) – owner Jo Byrne, 18.2h Gentle Giant Laudabalis x Floristan 2005

Competing Small Tour

Magic Heidehof Aleandro (Potter) – owner Me and my parents, 14.2h Welsh Nederland 2008

Lavanu (Larry) – owner Jo Byrne, 17h, Hanoverian – Levison x Contendo, 2012, Novice

Iggy Pop Bec (Iggy) – owner Me and my parents and Jo Byrne, 17h, KWPN Dream Boy x Gabor, 2013, Novice

Magic Dylano (Harry) – owner Me and my parents, 14.2h, Welsh Nederland, 2011, Fei in the making

Popcorn – owner Molly Esberger-Shepherd, 13h, Palamino Welsh, 2008, Birds, Eventer, Driving

Joshua Bronwyn (Joey) owner the family, 11h, Welsh, age 25, priceless, now the ride of Delilah, competed for Northern Byrds with Molly at Fledgling.

Donald – Cannot forget to list Donald, Shetland that nannies them all.

The Girls . . .

HRH Hethersedge (Queenie) – owner Gerry Button, 16.2h, British Bred Chaps, 2012, Novice

Invision (Isa) – owner Laurie & Kerrie Ibbotson (Breeders) 16.2h, British Bred, 2013, Novice

Flora – owner Jo Byrne, 16.2h, Hanoverian, arriving November age 4, Unbroken

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