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Stable and Barn

ETA 2017 INNOVATION AWARD WINNING PRODUCT Stable & Barn’s Tack Trolley is a British made, Durable product for competing, yard and at home. It works across rough terrain thanks to its pneumatic wheels and [...]


Coldstream is an equestrian brand inspired by the legendary showjumper Hydrophane Coldstream. The Coldstream range, like the horse, reflects high quality and performance, delivering innovative, technical, and on trend pieces. Offering contemporary and timeless rider [...]

Caviera Bedding

Caviera Bedding has created this new sterilised bedding, designed for all horse owners and professionals who demand the very best. 99% of all spores, mould and allergens have been eradicated through our [...]

Dengie Feeds Sponsor Hannah Esberger

Dengie is the UK’s leading manufacturer of the fibre based horse feeds and the largest producer of Alfalfa …I am a big believer in fibre diets and I am privileged to have them as my long standing sponsors as I truly believe in their products.

Livery and Tuition

Services include Full Livery, Training Livery and Coaching.

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